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We specialise in producing high and low density polystyrene blocks and cut-sheets. All our polystyrene blocks and cut-sheets can be chained in normal EPS or the Anti-Static variety based on specific needs and requirements. Apart from that, we also supply moulded EPS products such as cold boxes.


Our fabricated parts can be produced without production toolings which accommodate the unique shape, size and nature of your products. Fabricated parts are frequently used to meet the initial needs of specialty manufacturers, test marketers, new product development teams and factories with small production runs, desiring quality packaging without the immediate investment in production tooling.

Why use EPS products? 

* Superior cushioning for protecting delicate and fragile goods against impact or vibration

* Lightweight and low cost packaging for easy transportation and low freight charges

* High buoyancy

* Outstanding weather proofing

* Great heat insulation

* Ease of fabrication

* Hygienic, safe, non-toxicity and chemical free

* Custom made to your specifications

Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS)

EPS is widely used for packaging impact-sensitive products such as electronics and appliances. As the protector surrounding the product. We also produce large-scale expanded polystyrene blocks for civil engineering, construction, void-fill and landscaping projects.

3D Die Cut Sculpture

Did you know those large scale / over-sized sculpture that installed at most shopping malls during seasoning events were produced by EPS manufacturer?

CNC Polyfoam

CNC: Computer numerical control. Similar to our 3D sculpture products but we produced many alphabets for both indoor/outdoor events or as company signage.